KAMAZ will deliver a large batch of electric buses to Moscow

May 24, 2021

Naberezhnye Chelny,  May 24, 2021 – KAMAZ has signed the next fourth contract for the supply of electric buses to the State Unitary Enterprise MOSGORTRANS Under the terms of the contract, KAMAZ will supply Moscow with 350 KAMAZ-6282 electric buses. The fourth contract also includes 15-year maintenance of the transferred innovative equipment.

Photo provided by the press service of the State Unitary Enterprise Mosgortrans

As before, electric buses will be delivered in batches: the first 150 units will be delivered to Mosgortrans by July 31, 2021, and another 200 KAMAZ electric buses will be delivered by December 31, 2021. The total period for the provision of services (including maintenance of equipment) is until November 30, 2036.

It is noteworthy that under the fourth contract, KAMAZ electric buses assembled directly in the Russian capital will be delivered for the first time. Recall that at the end of April this year, the official opening of the assembly production of KAMAZ electric buses took place in Moscow, on the territory of the Sokolnicheski Car Repair and Construction Plant. The large-scale project is funded by KAMAZ, and Moscow, for its part, supported it with a grant and provided a platform. This made it possible to optimize the production of KAMAZ electric buses, reduce the delivery time, assembly and maintenance of innovative electric vehicles, as well as significantly reduce logistics costs. It is planned that the first electric buses assembled in Moscow will go on the line in May.

According to the results of last year, sales of KAMAZ electric buses increased by 18% to 200 units, in 2021, the production of innovative transport is planned to double.

Photo provided by the press service of the State Unitary Enterprise Mosgortrans

Samat Sattarov, Director of Passenger Transport at KAMAZ PTC_

“KAMAZ continues close cooperation with Moscow and does not stop there, continuing to improve electric buses and expand the model range of passenger electric transport. This year, the public is presented with a low-floor electric bus of a particularly large class (the so-called «garmoschka») KAMAZ-6292, which is planned to be put into mass production next year. This model was developed by our engineers on a special order of the State Unitary Enterprise MOSGORTRANS and designed taking into account the experience of operating the KAMAZ-6282 electric bus, which is delivered to Moscow in 2018».

Source: KAMAZ