UAZ Patriot upgrade

August 7, 2013

UAZ Patriot_1Ulyanovsk, August 7, 213 – On August, 6, 2013 the first serial of UAZ Patriot 2014 model year was rolled off the assembly line.First of all UAZ Patriot   facelift has affected transmission line, interior finish material and   optional equipment.

The main transmission updating   of UAZ Patriot is new transfer gear installation of Korean world-known manufacturer Huyndai-Dymos with control electronic unit. It allows the consumer to choose an appropriate traffic condition with easy selector turn. Downshifting ratio of number of teeth has increased by 31% which has raised considerably the vehicle towing performance and lets the consumer feel   confidently in any lack of roads.

Transfer gear renewal has led to the reversal of floor central tunnel that has become more functional. In particular the front seat box is more capacious now. The power window and mirrors control unit has become more ergonomical and was relocated from the central tunnel to the driver’s door armrest. Functional control unit with electric drive was integrated instead of transfer gear box shifter arm.

UAZ Patriot_2It is more comfortable now in a passenger compartment of upgraded UAZ Patriot. Now options (so popular in Russian weather conditions) as windshield heating, seat heater and independent heater for back seat passengers are available for consumers.

As a result, taking into   account the changes that were implemented in UAZ Patriot at the end of 2012:   a new instrument board soft-touch, new door lining, new headlining, new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, new multimedia center with hands free system, you can speak about the new product launch of 2014 model.

UAZ authorized dealers are already accepting requests for new UAZ Patriot of 2014 model.

The production of UAZ Patriot was started in August, 2005. The sales result of UAZ Patriot model range has constantly been increasing since its launch and now it is three times higher than the level that was set during the start of the production. For example, for the first year the sales result was 8,500 vehicles of UAZ Patriot model   range, including Pickup, and in 2012 they sold 27,000.

“We are confident in the success of the upgraded off road vehicle. Besides the fact that it has become modern and comfortable, with high-quality interior finish material, we have kept our main advantages – exclusive off-road capability and capacity”, says Anton Karpov, the director of UAZ distribution.


Source: UAZ