New versions in the KAMAZ K5 line

February 15, 2021

KAMAZ brings to the market new versions of trucks of the K5 generation – a three-axle tractor and two dump trucks.

The KAMAZ-65659 tractor, along with the popular KAMAZ-54901, is a representative of the mainline family of K5 generation trucks. The main difference between the new tractor and its predecessor is the 6×2 wheel formula. This design is achieved thanks to the installation of an additional lifting axle, which allowed bringing the total weight of the truck to 26 tons.

The tractor is equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder KAMAZ 910 engine (Euro V) with a capacity of 450 hp, an automated 12-speed ZF Traxon gearbox, a Daimler hypoid drive axle, a comfortable 2,500 mm wide cab with a flat floor and two sleeping places. Among the advantages of the new product: increased to 650 liters of fuel tank, service interval up to 120,000 km, truck life – up to 1.2 million km.

At the end of last year, a trial assembly of KAMAZ-65659 trucks took place; the first batch of trucks has already been transferred to test operation. Serial production of this version has already begun, the start of sales is scheduled for March, and in November 2021 it is planned to release new complete sets of trucks of this family.

Also in 2021, KAMAZ will bring to the market dump trucks KAMAZ-65951 (8×4) and KAMAZ-65952 (6×6), designed for the transportation of various bulk cargo. These are representatives of the heavy family of K5 generation trucks with a gross weight of 50 tons and 41 tons, respectively. The trucks are also equipped with KAMAZ 910 engines (Euro V) with a 450 hp, rear drive axles with an axial load of 16 tons. Depending on the operating conditions, it is planned to use different versions of dump trucks with a volume of 16 to 25 cubic meters.

According to the specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center of KAMAZ, special attention was paid to improving the reliability of trucks, driver comfort and reducing fuel consumption. Now the production of a trial batch is being completed, intended for testing the technology of manufacturing and transferring trucks to controlled operation. It is worth noting that within this family, various types of trucks and chassis are created, designed for the installation of various equipment. According to the specialists of the Trade and Financial Company KAMAZ, the start of sales of new products, to which consumers are already showing great interest, is scheduled for July 2021.

Source: KAMAZ