GAZ Group announces sales of PAZ buses on special terms

January 27, 2016

Автобус ВекторNizhny Novgorod, January 27, 2016 – GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, Russia’s largest diversified industrial holding, announces special deals for Pavlovo Bus Plant (PAZ) products. As part of these deals, customers get additional discounts when buying more than one bus (base models). Special deals will be applied across the entire territory of Russia through March 2016. With support of leasing companies GAZ Group implements a leasing campaign for PAZ buses fitted with Euro V engines produced by YMZ and ZMZ. Customers purchasing more than one bus may save up to RUB 260,000 per year on leasing contracts. Furthermore, starting this year, when buying more than one LNG bus fitted with a Euro V engine produced by YMZ or ZMZ the customer will be given an additional discount of RUB 140,000 per bus. Operating dual fuel (gasoline and propane-butane) buses will allow public transit companies to reduce fuel costs considerably. Also, GAZ Group announces extension of deal for PAZ buses fitted with an automatic transmission. When buying PAZ-320402-04 and PAZ-320412-04 models fitted with YMZ engines and 100% of the automatic transmission installation costs are compensated. For example, when purchasing Vector buses with automatic transmission installation, up to 50% of costs are compensated. Currently Pavlovo bus plant produces six models and over 60 different versions of small and medium buses intended for city and suburban public transit operations, for schools and social-care facilities, etc. The buses offer a high level of safety and reliability, low maintenance costs and comply with the modern driver’s and passenger comfort standards. Source: GAZ Group