New member of the electric Solaris Urbino family

August 30, 2021

Bolechowo, August 30, 2021 – On September 30, 2021 at 12:00 p.m., the world première of the latest model of the Solaris electric bus will take place. The 9-metre, low-entry Urbino 9 LE electric bus will be unveiled by the manufacturer during an online launch – the second ever in the company’s history – organised in a unique, interactive format. The new product will be presented by the company’s Board and vehicle’s designers.

The launch of the new electric vehicle from the Urbino family is a continuation of the intercity chapter in the manufacturer’s zero-emission portfolio, which was opened with the premiere of the Urbino 15 LE electric last year. The innovative low-entry bus confirms the dynamic development of the Solaris brand towards emission free public transport.

The 9-meter vehicle was created with the diverse needs of customers in mind. It is a highly flexible model able to adapt to local circumstances. The vehicle will perform brilliantly in cramped city spaces, but also in difficult road conditions, on longer routes, and steep climbs, as it will on tight mountain bends.

The two-axle vehicle is yet another option in Solaris‘s electric range that meets the requirements for both vehicle classes I and II. Solaris has decided to offer its customers the choice between Solaris High Power batteries and Solaris High Energy batteries. This will allow operators to flexibly plan emission-free routes not only within the city limits, but also outside them. The Urbino 9 LE electric bus is an environmentally-friendly combination of safety, comfort and style. Driver comfort and safety are ensured by an electric drive, advanced assistance systems as well as interactive panel.

Despite its compact dimensions, the 9-meter bus offers a surprisingly spacious interior that has room for up to 27 comfortable seats, most of which are forward-facing. Practical solutions, such as handrails with an antibacterial layer disinfectant dispensers and a closed driver cabin will guarantee a comfortable and safe ride for city travelers.

The electric novelty of Solaris is ideally suited to the needs of the European market. The new low-entry bus is a great choice both for narrow urban spaces and for those areas with a network of small and scattered towns that require communication. A large selection of additional equipment and a wide range of technical solutions will allow operators to perfectly match the configuration to the individual needs of each city.

Solaris is pleased to invite to the premiere of Urbino 9 LE electric its customers, suppliers, representatives of local governments, media representatives and everyone interested in innovative and ground-breaking solutions that really contribute to the transformation of public transport into zeroemission. The event will be available at:

Source: Solaris Bus & Coach