New GAZon with gross weight of 10 tons

September 4, 2017

Moscow, September 4, 2017 – GAZ Group presents a new model of GAZon NEXT medium-duty truck with a gross mass of 10 tons at the International Commercial Vehicle Show COMTRANS/17. The new truck differs from the lighter GAZon NEXT 8.7 model by an increased payload capacity (by 1 ton), adjustable loading height and extended flat body. Design changes include enlarged front wheel tread, an elongated wheel base, rear air suspension, gear shift cables, which have improved the ergonomics, comfort and driving performance of the vehicle. The use of modern technical solutions has allowed to significantly expand the functionality, improve the road characteristics and ergonomics of the new vehicle.

Compared to the previous model, GAZon NEXT 8.7, the vehicle’s payload capacity is increased by 1 ton, to 5.9 tons (chassis). The extension of the flat body width up to 2,550 mm provides for placing up to 12 europallets inside the body.

One of the main design features of the vehicle, air suspension of the rear axle allows you to adjust the body height during loading and unloading and maintain it at a constant level during the ride, regardless of the degree of loading, and also ensures smooth running even when driving on broken roads. Suspension is equipped with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Monroe and a transverse stabilizer. The wheel base in the factory version is increased by 635 mm, which provides for a more even distribution of the load between the front and rear axles.

The brake system of the vehicle is pneumatic with disk mechanisms on all wheels with ABS and ASR functions. Installation of an additional brake system, engine brake (retarder) allows to increase the braking efficiency, especially when driving on mountain roads and steep slopes, and reduce brake pad wear.

The increase in YMZ-534 engine power up to 170 HP and the maximum torque up to 664 Nm resulted in improved traction and dynamic characteristics of the vehicle and reduced fuel consumption.
The gearbox is controlled by a remote control (joystick), which is located on the dashboard. The vehicle presented at COMTRANS/17 exhibition is equipped with a six-speed gearbox developed by GAZ Group. Serial manufacture of the new gearbox is scheduled for 2019.
The spacious and comfortable cabin of GAZon NEXT is equipped with a sprung driver’s seat with anatomical support, five levels of adjustment and lumbar support, a 2DIN radio with control keys on the steering wheel and a Delphi climate control system with the function of windscreen heating. The cabin is made of galvanized steel, which has undergone double priming, while splashers and wheel arches are made of high-duty plastic, which provides a high level of protection against corrosion. Externally, the cabin of the new model differs from the lighter GAZon NEXT 8.7 version by wider wheel arches, a wide bumper and a new counterbalance beam.

Source: GAZ Group, pictures: GAZ, ZS © /shot with Nikon COOLPIX P300, provided by REFOTB,