KAMAZ to supply updated electric buses to Moscow

June 10, 2022

Moscow, June 10, 2022 – KAMAZ has started delivering a batch of updated electric buses to Moscow. The renewed innovative transport is being accepted in Moscow, on the territory of SVARZ.

In the near future, fourteen KAMAZ-6282 electric buses of an advanced version will be passed to the customer. Additional eight items will have arrived at the capital’s fleets by the end of June. The KAMAZ electric buses of the new generation were demonstrated to Nikolay Asaul, General Director of State Unitary Enterprise Mosgortrans, at the Sokolniki Car Repair and Construction Plant (SVARZ), the KAMAZ assembly site in Moscow.

During the acceptance of the transport, he examined the interior of the all-new electric bus and appreciated the convenience of the driver’s seat. “Today we are accepting a new batch of 14 most advanced electric buses. These electric buses which will soon run on Moscow’s roads feature an increased range of over 80 km, as well as a fully electric heater. This means that they are zero-emission,” Nikolay Asaul emphasized. “These electric buses are assembled in Russia. We hope we will keep the plant running at a steady pace.”

Another innovation is an improved climate system. In particular, the driver has got an opportunity to regulate the temperature in his cab separately from the passenger compartment. In addition, the electric bus is equipped with adaptive light, which will change from cold to warm depending on the time of day. In addition, a fourth fare validator appeared in the passenger compartment (in the storage area), buttons on electric buses work even faster, the front route indicator has become larger, the route number is larger, and the text itself is brighter. The floor covering has become even stronger and, consequently, will last longer.

It is expected that the updated KAMAZ electric buses will start carrying passengers already in June. Now 1,000 electric buses operate on the lines of Moscow, of which 750 are assembled by KAMAZ. Every day they carry about 400 thousand passengers along 72 routes of the capital.

Source: KAMAZ