GAZelle NEXT panel van goes on sale in Turkey

February 9, 2018

Nizhny Novgorod, February 09, 2018 – The first deliveries to the dealers began in the autumn of 2017. Starting from February, the vehicles are available for sale in GAZ dealership network throughout Turkey.

Distinctive features of GAZelle NEXT panel van are large body space, functionality and the fullest basic configuration in the class. Two body space options are available: 11.5 m3 and 13.5 m3. Body is made of galvanized steel. A special opening allows carrying long cargoes up to 5 meters. Easy access to the cargo compartment allows quick and simple loading and unloading of the vehicle. Rear doors are blocked in the position of 90 and 270 degrees, ensuring high manoeuvrability even in the narrow city streets.

GAZelle NEXT is produced at GAZ Group’s assembly factory in Sakarya. Today the plant manufactures 6 versions of GAZelle NEXT: standard and extended wheel-base chassis, with single-row and double-row cabin, and two van versions with body space of 11.5 m3 and 13.5 m3.

All versions of GAZelle Next are available for sale in GAZ dealers network in Turkey represented by 11 dealer centers and 27 after-sales service points. The nearest plans stipulate a significant expansion of the dealer network that will cover the key cities of the country.

Cengiz Yüksel, General Manager of GAZ Turkey: “GAZelle NEXT is a perfect light commercial vehicle with unlimited application options, reliable and capable of operating under the most severe conditions. Today GAZ provides one of the best offers on the market by price-quality ration. We also established a network of 27 after-sales points throughout the country. We guarantee our customers a high level of service.”

Source: GAZ Group