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Moscow, August 11, 2017 – The commercial vehicle market in Russia is on the rise. Just in time comes COMTRANS 2017, the international commercial vehicle show held from September 5 to 9, 2017 in Moscow. Sergey Alexandrov, General Manager of COMTRANS organizer ITEMF Expo talks about the market background and what to expect from COMTRANS 2017. Read more…

d248a2cd3d8efaf6f19a6be697f824f1a73b86ceProduction, sales and export of cars from the joint venture of GM and AVTOVAZ decrease the fourth consecutive year. In 2016 the factory in Togliatti made 32,104 cars Chevrolet NIVA. Dealers in the Russian Federation in 2016 were delivered 31,597 vehicles. Read more…

Chevrolet-Niva_le-plus-1For the third year in a row falling production, sales and export of cars from the joint venture of GM and AVTOVAZ. In 2015 the factory in Togliatti made 34,218 cars Chevrolet NIVA. In the Russian Federation GM-AVTOVAZ in 2015 sold 32,352 vehicles. Read more…

GM-AVTOVAZ production, sales, export of Chevrolet NIVA, 2004-2014

Year Production/units/ Changes/%/ Sales/units/ Changes/%/ Export – CIS
2014 45,067 -22.22 46,023 -18.7 3,981
2013 57,939 -8.01 56,609 -10.18 4,013
2012 62,981 +9.02 63,023 +9.09 2,744
2011 57,765 +56.14 57,772 +56.83 2,081
2010 36,996 +60.15 36,837 +51.59 1,924
2009 23,101 -57.73 24,300 -54.41 729
2008 54,654 -0.73 53,305 -17.5 4,658
2007 55,052 +14.82 54,610 +13.99 6,457
2006 47,946 -7.46 47,908 -7.53 5,888
2005 51,810 -6.06 51,806 -10.6 5,656
2004 55,150 57,943


Cumulative sales to 31.12.2014. – 571,852 units (including 42,326 units in CIS states)

Network: 162 dealers in Russian Federation, 7 dealers and 3 distributors in CIS.


Президент Группы ГАЗ Вадим СорокинNizhny Novgorod, December 31, 2013 – The Head of GAZ Group’s Light Commercial Vehicles division Vadim Sorokin has been appointed President and CEO of GAZ Group from January 01, 2014.

As President and CEO of GAZ Group Vadim Sorokin will be in charge of strategic and operational management of the Company. In parallel he will also stay at the helm of LCV Division. Mr Sorokin has been working in GAZ Group since 2008. Before taking on the top job in the Division he was serving as First deputy Chairman of the Management board of the Company on operating activities. Since 2009 he has headed LCV Division, which has become during this  time a flagship business of GAZ Group in creating new products, greater production efficiency and financial performance. Since 2010 Vadim Sorokin has been responsible for GAZ Group strategy development and has managed implementation of the best competences of LCV Division in the field of development and production line up technologies on all businesses of GAZ Group. Read more…

Chevrolet NIVA GLSTogliatti, December 27, 2013 – From January 1, 2014, retail price for Chevrolet NIVA cars of all trim levels will increase by 10,000 rubles*.

Thus, price for Chevrolet NIVA L will make 459,000 rubles, LC – 488,000 rubles, LE with air conditioning – 517,000 rubles, GLS – 530,000 rubles, GLC – 557,000 rubles.

The car price increase is due to growth of components costs and external factors.


 * Official Currency (Bank of Russia) for December 27, 2013:

1 US$=32,6710 rubles, 1 €=44,7005 rubles


GAZ-Group-Launches-Mitsubishi-Pajero--1024x747Nizhny Novgorod, September 12, 2013 – Today Mitsubishi Pajero Sport frame production was launched at the Nizhny Novgorod site of GAZ Group. The project is implemented under agreement between OJSC GAZ and PCMA Rus (PCMA Rus, joint venture between PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation), under which OJSC GAZ welds frames for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, applies the protective anticorrosive coat (phosphating and electrophoresis treatment) and supplies frames to the conveyor of PCMA Rus assembly plant in Kaluga. Read more…

UAZ Patriot_1Ulyanovsk, August 7, 213 – On August, 6, 2013 the first serial of UAZ Patriot 2014 model year was rolled off the assembly line.First of all UAZ Patriot   facelift has affected transmission line, interior finish material and   optional equipment.

The main transmission updating   of UAZ Patriot is new transfer gear installation of Korean world-known manufacturer Huyndai-Dymos with control electronic unit. It allows the consumer to choose an appropriate traffic condition with easy selector turn. Downshifting ratio of number of teeth has increased by 31% which has raised considerably the vehicle towing performance and lets the consumer feel   confidently in any lack of roads. Read more…

A-Half-millionth-Chevrolet-NIVATogliatti, August 3, 2013 – On August 2, a half-millionth car Chevrolet NIVA of GLC version and Lavender colour rolled of the GM-AVTOVAZ production line.

The first SUV was built on September 23, 2002.

Today, the JV produces the car of 5 trim-levels: L, LC, LE, GLS, and GLC. Chevrolet NIVA sales are held by 153 dealers in Russian Federation, by 7 dealers and 3 distributors in CIS countries. Read more…